Elephant Co. is among the leading suppliers of Serbian pharmaceutical and food supplement industry with hard gelatin capsules.

During the previous, more than 15 years as a player in this business field, we have achieved big experience which is allowing us to guarantee quality, delivery times, continuous supplying to the buyers of the hard gelatin capsules.

On your request, we will deliver you in shortest possible time capsule colors codebook, commercial offer and all necessary information for making the decision.

About the capsules

Hard gelatin capsules are used for various types of pharmaceutical and food supplement products because of following characteristics:

  • They are uniformed shape and size, what is ensuring excellent performance during the filling of the capsules with high speed encapsulating machines (up to 150.000 capsules per hour)
  • They have possibility of filling with various types of medicaments
  • They have huge range of color possibilities, including combining the colors of the capsule caps and bodies
  • They can be labeled by printing of various types of signs (logos, names, etc.)
  • Capsules are tasteless and odorless, and this why widely spread among the consumers of the medicaments
  • They are acting excellent regarding the time release of the active substance
  • Flexibility in medicaments RnD

Did you know?

As a dosing form capsules are known since 1834, when they were patented, while they production of the hard gelatin capsules in the form that we know started by the end of 19th century.

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